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What We Offer

ClaRo Virtual Studio Classes


ClaroVirtual Studio is the closest online experience to a live class wherever your life happens.  We specialize in offering all kinds of live fitness classes.  ClaroVStudio focuses on a Functional Fitness Program, because we believe that the key to getting in the best shape of your life and staying there is the variation.


Our program offers more diversity than some of your fitness club memberships.  If you're looking for Strength, Cardio, Mobility, and Flexibility, we've got you covered with access to over 30 live classes per week in all these modalities.  We build community as we have a personal approach to online fitness, our trainers are actively watching you take your live class, and we also work as a team.

When we say live, we mean LIVE!

Active Older Adults Online Classes


ClaRoFitness has developed a complete program for Seniors that incorporates suitable classes that allow people to grow healthy, strong and happy.  If your Institution provides Senior Services, don't hesitate to incorporate our Active Older Adult fitness virtual program.  Check out our program and call us for a demonstration. 


Or if you are an individual student and consider yourself at this level, please check out our classes. 

Physical activity strengthens your employees' immune systems – making them less susceptible to whatever bug is going around the office.  Employees that workout regularly are also generally healthier than their sedentary counterparts.  This means less sick days, less medical appointments, and overall reduced absenteeism.

Call us for a demo class.

Work In Wellness Classes

This target is to stop the fight internally.  It strengthens your mind to observe your thoughts and feelings without fighting them or changing them.  With a regular practice of mindfulness, the brain learns that it's okay to let thoughts and feelings come and go.

Corporate/Workers Classes