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Welcome to ClaRoFitness!

Welcome!  Your personal inspiration for fitness brought you here!

I founded ClaRoFitness with the passion to bring an excellence of service in health and fitness training to you, anytime and anywhere through live group fitness classes, on-line videos and webcasts!  In my more than 10 years as a Group X Instructor, I have found the only way people are truly happy is when they are physically and mentally healthy, and the way to accomplish this is with good eating habits and exercise.

I created this website because of YOU!  I realized how happy and satisfied my students felt after attending my classes and how a variety of my classes and exercise modalities enabled them to achieve their fitness goals.  During my many years of teaching and often teaching as many as 25+ fitness classes a week, I’ve seen my students evolve into their “new” bodies with refreshed attitudes and renewed self-esteem.  I am amazed how many of my very shy students have become confident enough to move from the back row to the front row of my classes after just a few short weeks or months.  Some of my students have taken this a step further and have become fitness instructors themselves, who now work to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals.  As you explore my website, you will see testimonials from my students which explain how fitness and group exercise have changed their lives.  Please explore the Testimonial link.  Perhaps you are one of them!

There is a growing need and awareness that despite our location and busy lives, we desire to prosper and be in good health.  I want to thank you for participating in my fitness program which will bring you happiness and fulfillment while managing your busy lifestyle.  ClaRoFitness will meet you where you are, save you time, and help you along your quest of achieving holistic health.  We provide a variety of live classes where you can join and experience the exercise format of the day, while pumping up the energy that is inside YOU!  You will also find videos that you can follow at any time you desire.  For those of you who have already taken the next step and are now instructors, feel free to take advantage of my choreography and exercise routines as a tool for your classes.  If you are aspiring to teach group exercise, ClaRoFitness will provide personalized coaching to help you become a licensed fitness instructor.  We also offer weekly group challenges which help people reach their goals faster.  Join us and you will be impressed with the results!

If you are planning a special celebration, ClaRoFitness offers all kinds of dance parties, (Latin, Arabian, Salsa, Country, etc.) to make any event a fun and an unforgettable experience.  ClaRoFitness also makes house calls!  We are a mobile fitness gym that comes to your home or work site to conduct personalized training sessions … but my team and I are more than a mobile gym or website fitness service.  We are a family, a team of fitness trainers that care about you as a person.  Our core values at ClaRoFitness are:  Commitment, Health, Fitness, and Integrity.  My team and I strive to customize a fitness and nutrition program just for you!

Take the first step towards your new life by contacting us today!

Claudia Rodas, Founder

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