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Welcome to ClaRoFitness Virtual Studio Boutique Fitness Classes for All Levels

What We Offer

We Offer Zoom Classes for All Levels and Formats -- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


ClaRoFitness has developed a program of classes where the three main fitness elements are incorporated and will allow you to obtain much faster and more effective results.  These elements are:  Cardio, Strength and Flexibility.  The Program offers classes that focus on these three areas but is for all and your  SKILL LEVELS.


We use a 1 to 3 scale with 1 being easy, 3 being extremely strenuous. PICK WHAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE and also you pick at higher level that you are you can always do your OWN PACE.


Beginner:  Comfortable doing the activity hours at a casual standing or in a chair if there are physical limitations.  Zumba Gold, Cuban Salsa, Belly Dance, Tai-Chi, Chair Body Condition. 


Intermediate:  Able to go at a casual pace for much of the day or at a brisk pace, push to a higher level with some kind of extra effort.  Zumba, Zumba Toning, BollyX, Bootcamp, Pilates. 


Advanced:  Able to sustain high aerobic output and max your limits, Strong, TRX, Burn 20, Tabata.

One Month Free Trial


Try out our program for a month and experience any of our live virtual classes.  Click the button below to start your FREE TRIAL.

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