My Virtual Experience

At ClaRoFitness, we take care that the experience of receiving a virtual exercise class is the same as in a gym or live studio.  We believe that the connection between instructor and participants creates the motivation to always be there….LIVE.

Sabina B.

I love the Zumba, Zumba Toning, BollyX and Bosu classes.  They help me get my body moving as I am sitting in an office chair all day.  I’m never late, as they are virtual 😊 all the exercises keeps me healthy and works on my core to minimize my knee and back pains.  It is a lot of fun.

Helen P.

I absolutely adore the Fitball class!  My whole body feels so much stronger and more flexible since I started the class.  Claudia's extensive knowledge and creativity, as well as her acute sensitivity to her student's needs make each class even better than the previous one.  She is an amazing teacher!

Emily F.

Since leaving my office job two years ago to make art full time, I also started taking fitness classes at the SFSU Mashouf Wellness Center as an alumni with the eventual goal of getting back into ballet. Though I largely lost touch with it as a young adult, I did gymnastics and dance for many years growing up and took ballet classes through the SF State Dance department as a student in college. Reconnecting with this part of my life after so many years has been a strange and challenging process to say in the least, but Claudia has helped in so many ways and I am so grateful for her helpful instruction and intuitive training methods. She has helped me get back into shape in ways I no longer thought possible. Her variety of classes including Barre, Pilates, weight lifting and bootcamps comrpise a fun, effective and well-rounded fitness routine for anyone - she caters expertly to all ages and experience levels. Claudia is gifted at keenly helping each student to achieve and improve in the areas that THEY want, and has personally helped so much with my form and endurance in the short time we have worked together. I am so grateful for everything and know my life would not be the same without Claudia's inspiring and groundbreaking training! Thank you so much Claudia!!!

Gary J.

ClaRoFitness virtual classes have done wonders for my physical and mental health since shelter-in-place started in March.  I have been able to stay in excellent shape and learn many new fitness formats.  I take 8-9 totally different classes every week with no repetition -- ranging from Pilates to Bollywood dance to TRX.  Claudia's program has truly been a godsend for the past 9 months!

Janti S.

I have been a member of YMCA since 2017 and usually worked out 4 days a week including taking classes with Claudia on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for about 2.5 years.  I enjoyed working out at the YMCA, meeting friends, and exercising together.


When the pandemic “Stay-At-Home” order began, Claudia quickly switched to virtual classes.  At the beginning, I tried to figure out how to adjust my time and how to work out at home, but Claudia made it happen with her virtual workouts without skipping a beat.  It showed me that Claudia is truly committed to her work and her students.


I joined some of her classes that fit into my schedule. Although in the beginning, I did not have all the equipment a gym provides, but Claudia incorporated simple things that can be used until you have the equipment needed for her classes.  She also let you know how to get the equipment.


I enjoy taking her classes and also enjoy taking Bosu Class with Luchi Boyle and Bolly X with Chitra Phatak.  The biggest benefit of my workouts with Claudia during this pandemic is that I have become stronger, more flexible, feeling great, and being able to exercise at the comfort of my own home while still feeling like we are a group exercising together.


Thank you Claudia, for your support, your commitment and your ability to keep us all in shape.

Gary M.

One thing that's very obvious once you've been around Claudia for a little while is how committed she is to her students.  She goes all out to provide excellent, challenging workouts, and strives to provide variety during her classes, as well as a diverse selection of classes.  She's a great instructor and coach, and is very generous in the way she helps people.  She also brings together other positive people and has created a large and welcoming community of exercise enthusiasts.  Thank you, Claudia, for all that you do!