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ClaRoFitness Virtual Wellness Studio

Welcome to ClaRoFitness!

Welcome!  Your personal inspiration for fitness brought you here!

I founded ClaRoFitness with the passion to bring an excellence of service in health and fitness training to you, anytime and anywhere through live group fitness classes, on-line videos and webcasts!  In my more than 12 years as a Group X Instructor, I have found the only way people are truly happy is when they are physically and mentally healthy, and the way to accomplish this is with good eating habits and exercise.

ClaRoFitness is a Virtual Wellness Studio that  provides different types of virtual classes  that helps you to reach your fitness goals faster.  You will find a nice solid schedule at different times frames.  As everyone Works or have a different schedule for this workout your will find classes in the morning, lunch time and evenings.  We also offers different kind of modalities that Cover the 3 elements essential for your Body workout, like cardio, strength and flexibility. 

Why Virtual?  We started virtual for safety reasons during Covid-19 shelter in place in 2020, but we realized how much people like this modality as all learned how much time and money people can save, and the most important is the time that you save is now for your Family.  The results are incredible specially when you  


Take the first step towards your new life by contacting us today!

Claudia Rodas, Founder

Contact Us

Tel: 415-990-7795

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