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Mind/Body Restoration Classes




You may work “out” regularly, and... when was the last time you considered rewarding yourself with a practice of working “in”, simply taking time to acknowledge you? 

This 6-class series is a simple, structured introduction to wellness, intended to enhance self-awareness and vibrance within -- body, mind, and “life-force” (spirit). 

Enjoy the uplifting benefits of “working in” as you acquire easy to perform, enjoyable, techniques to optimize "how you live" in a positive, nonjudgmental, safe, virtual environment.  

Following are the classes that will be offered during this series:

  • BREATH-Full:  Rediscover your breath and the profound benefits of full, “healthful” breathing.  Learn a variety of breathing techniques to calm, reduce stress, invigorate, and optimize the health and functions of your body and mind.


  • MOVEMENT-Able:  Explore ranges of motion (ROM) of major joints in the body & learn a simple routine of gentle movements/stretches to bring greater mobility and ease to your regular daily activities.

  • ERGO-Steady: Safe, sound, aware ergonomics of daily living. Revisit your approach to simple, everyday activities to prevent injury and strain on muscles and joints.  Proper body mechanics are key in preventing injury in all that we do - walk, lift, reach, bend, care for a child or loved one, perform household chores, etc.


  • MASSAGE-Essential: Learn effective, safe massage techniques and a mini sequence to help break down adhesions (knots), reduce tension, and alleviate chronic pain.  Techniques learned can be performed on self or on others.


  • POINTWORK-Engaged:  Introduction to basic acupressure points and how they can be applied to safely and effectively provide relief from common ailments such as headaches, allergies, fatigue, pain, etc.  Learn a useful sequence to apply to self or others.

  • SELFCARE-Sustained:  Replenish and maintain your most healthful, balanced state by rewarding yourself with daily practices through use of essential oils, exploring nature, daily affirmations, healing sounds, and more.  Learn simple, cost-effective ways to incorporate self-care into your daily life.


Each 60-min class will have the following FORMAT:

  • OPENING - moment of stillness - guided meditation, quiet time (3-5 min)

  • INSPIRATION - short inspirational story/reflection/share (3-5 min)

  • WARM-UPS - physical movement (5-10 min)

  • CLASS MATERIAL - Lesson/Activity (35-45 min)

  • CLOSING (3-5 min) - closing comments/shares, send-off

Equipment for this class:

Yoga mat and blanket (if desired)

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