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Welcome to ClaRoFitness Virtual Studio Boutique Fitness Classes for Your Home and Work

What We Offer

Corporate and Institutional Fitness Virtual Classes

Corporate Virtual Parties


Group Exercises

Fitness Online Classes



Active Older Adults Online Classes


Outdoor Classes

Personal Trainer

Virtual Group Exercise Classes

We offer different modalities of classes, all based on 3 different Elements:  

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility.  Students at different levels can be comfortable taking any of the classes like: Zumba, Zumba Toning, Barre, Pilates, 3Xtreme Boot Camp, Body Pump, Bosu , Fitball, TRX.  This variation of virtual classes makes our program more fun and motivates  members to commit to workout everyday.

Virtual and Outdoor Personal Trainer

Personal Training provides a customized and specialized training program designed for YOUR body with YOUR goals in mind.  We take the time to learn about your short and long-term goals as well as any physical limitations or prior injuries.  We then craft a training program that will challenge you, so you achieve results faster.  Members can schedule training ONLINE or OUTDOOR.

Virtual Small Group Training

Clients love our semi-private, personal training groups because they receive a highly personalized program that’s specifically designed to help them achieve their goals, prevent injury, address strength and flexibility imbalances but also enjoy the camaraderie and motivation of like-minded inner athletes.  Alternatively, there’s no more than four participants in each semi-private personal training session, so you will still receive personalized attention from of one of our experts to ensure each exercise is safe and effective.  These  classes can be outdoor or virtual.

Active Older Adult Virtual Classes

For older adults, we offer classes and programs to revitalize their health and fitness from the inside out.  A fun, convenient, low-impact workout renews the fitness and health of older adults like nothing else.  Studies show that it can dramatically improve balance and help to prevent falls, which can be a serious concern for people as they grow older.  It also improves cardio strength, tones muscles (while being gentle on joints) and keeps the immune system healthy by increasing lymphatic circulation.  We also offer a program for seniors in wheelchairs or who have memory or impaired motor issues, like Chair condition class, Tai-Chi and chair or stand Senior Aerobics.  Friendly online user links for Seniors to understand the Technology about virtual classes, and be safe at home.

Virtual Parties and Corporate Events

For more than ten years, I have created and organized all kinds of events such as theme parties, where people learn a specific dance rhythm while also learning about the culture associated with that rhythm:

  • Arabian Night’s - with all the moves of belly dance flow

  • East Indian Parties - bhangra influenced songs and routines

  • Mexican Fiesta

  • Cumbia Fiesta and more…


We also celebrate special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas and Halloween as well as various “theme” parties for individual or corporate events.  Add some “flavor” to your event and have a successful party with ClaRoFitness!


We care about the Community and problems in the world.  For about 10 years, we have organized events and collected money for good causes -- local, national, and international -- such as relief from national disasters, social issues, and support events for charitable organizations (American Heart Association, La Casa de las Madres, and Monsenor Romero Foundation in El Salvador, and more).

All these activities have allowed us to be close to the community, and built friendships within our student fitness group. 

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