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Active Older Adult Program

How the Program Works

ClaRoFitness is the premier small-group strength training fitness program designed specifically for adults 55 and over.  By incorporating stretching, balance, and resistance exercises, you can increase strength, endurance and function and help prevent issues such as falls, cognitive decline, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

And here's the best part - it's all virtual!  Easily join from home on your laptop or mobile device and connect with your team and live certified trainer!

Our classes are aimed at people over 55, and have the intention of inspiring and motivating students regardless of the level of exercises.  The most important thing is that they enjoy the classes.

Improve fitness level and preserve students quality of life with our strength training workouts tailored towards your specific needs!  

Students have 5 classes a week that cover strength, cardio and flexibility and workshops as required.  If you are a Health Provider contact us for a free demo, and if you are an individual looking for fitness classes at this level, join our AOA, Active Older Adult classes.


Flexibility and Balance Classes

Where you find all types of these classes like:

  • Tai Chi

  • Balance

Cardio Classes

These classes include:

  • Senior Aerobics

  • Latin Dance

  • Zumba Gold




This includes the following: 

  • Chair Conditioning

  • Strength Class

  • Aqua Zumba

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